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Located in the Northwest of Koh Phangan, Thailand, the Yoga Retreat is nestled in the jungle just ten minutes away from Haad Salad beach and provides a nurturing environment to develop your practice and cultivate a better life. We believe in self healing and that students are their own best teachers. Our aim is to provide you the tools to deepen your personal awareness.

Whether you are a beginner or professional yoga teacher, the Yoga Retreat is the perfect complement to a relaxing tropical holiday. We encourage you to listen to your body and will serve as guides to help you through your own individual transformation; we believe you are your own best teacher. You will learn tools to change your life positively: yoga, chakra healing, detox and meditation. Hopefully you will take them home as well.

The Yoga Retreat Owners/founders, Teresa and Kes Kennard, fused their extensive experience in yoga, dance and Pilates with their love for each other and opened the Yoga Retreat in Thailand in 2000. Embracing and embraced by nature, the Yoga Retreat is a calm Eco-friendly environment with a balanced -realistic- approach which they believe to be the secret of a true transformation.

Allow yourself to surrender
to the paradise within

Amidst a jungle steps away
from a tropical beach

For a day,
for a week,
for a month,
for your Life

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Our Testimonials have been written by past students - Last updated Oct 2014

Hi I just wanted to drop you an email to give some feedback regarding my experience at the retreat.
I left the retreat on Friday just gone after staying for almost 14 days. I can genuinely state it was one of the best experiences i have ever engaged in. I arrived sceptical, not knowing what to expect. I never done Yoga before i attended here. I left converted, focused, a vegetarian, with a keen interest in Yoga and the philosophies behind it!
All of the staff were so welcoming, friendly & helpful. Elise was always so warm & cheery; she genuinely cared about everyone there. Hannah the volunteer was an absolute gem. She spent so much time listening to the guests 'stories', getting to know them on a very personal level. I had some very down days whilst there and she helped & inspired me so much. The yoga tutors, particularly Ronnie were fantastic. I literally had no idea about yoga, yet they were so patient and spent so much time educating & helping me. Lisa's lectures & classes were great...again another lady who inspired me lots. The kitchen staff were great, and made some amazing food! You really have a great place, with great people. I had an inspiring & liberating experience whilst there, and at some point in the future I will return.

Thank you!
Best wishes, Craig Halpin.

Feedback 1. Did you get what you wanted from your stay? Hell yes. It was way more than I'd hoped for. What I particularly loved about this compared to other retreats is the autonomy and choice. With most yoga retreats you're kind of 'stuck' with a bunch of people and you eat together most meal times and it becomes a group holiday. What I LOVED about this set up, is that you can pick and choose (ie - the courses you offer are great) and you have much more autonomy to do as you please, when you please (ie - go as deep or as shallow as you want into yoga world, and you can hang out or eschew company as you choose).
2. Would you come back again? Yes.
3. Tell us what you liked or didn't like about your different teachers - Overall: what I loved about the whole teaching staff was they are down to earth, not at all interested in ego, and very conscientious. Because there were mixed student abilities, I think this is hugely important so that everyone can celebrate their little achievements as they improve and I feel like all the students I talked with at the retreat really did get into the 'celebration' aspect of achieving something small as their practice improved - that is thanks to the wonderful vibe/tone the teacher's set.
Second point: I absolutely loved the way the self-practice in the morning operates. I felt there was a LOT to learn, and that someone was conscious of your form (ie when you were trying hard, and when you were being a naughty cheater). For half-yogi's like me - that's very helpful because if you dip in and out of practice, you come to a retreat because you want the opportunity to improve, focus, and learn from someone who will tell you where you're going wrong - and push you past the plateau's you hit when you do hit and miss self-practice.
I absolutely loved the small sample I got of reiki and chakras. It has very much coloured my thinking (!!) since I returned to London. As a practitioner I found you extremely sure of your knowledge, calming and really interested - which is hugely exciting for the people (like me) who want to deepen their understanding. The feeling I got from you was one of supreme competence - I hope you don't think that is a boring thing - because for many people who are unfamiliar with the field of reiki, energy, detox, and yoga - it is INCREDIBLY reassuring and believable to learn from someone with their head firmly screwed on. I think the course materials are FANTASTIC - I absolutely love the way you've explained everything in the materials I received, and I've referred back to them quite a bit since returning. Both the yoga and chakra sections are so well written and interesting. Not only me, but all of the students I was with really spent a lot of time with these course materials (ie reading them by the pool at Salad Beach and I saw lots of students flicking through them down at the various beach eateries).
I came to your retreat because of its heavy focus on ashtanga - but I did a couple of hatha classes as well, and I really enjoyed them. highly conscious of form and extremely encouraging. What I also loved was the contrast between the morning practice and the afternoon led class. Morning is very mental and afternoon is a chance to be in a nice cocoon environment of a class. I absolutely LOVED the various small readings and snippets from yoga philosophy and wide-ranging sources. I think these little tasters really made everyone aware of the bigger picture of yoga and I really enjoyed the variety of postures students experience.
4. Was your accommodation clean and comfortable: Yes :) I absolutely loved my four poster bed, my mosquito net and that the room had so much space. It felt like a mini-flat and I really loved it.
5. How was the food and kitchen service: Ridiculously good. I can say hands down, that the food at your retreat was better than any of the food I ate on the island. The team are possibly the nicest, most accommodating and talented bunch of chefs/organisers that I had a really hard time trying not to pack them in my suitcase and bring them back to London with me.
6. Is there anything we could improve on:
YES - your marketing. 1. Expand your Facebook presence .2. Twitter 3. Website. 4. Trip Advisor:
Anyway, sorry for the mini-strategy there, but I really love what you guys are doing and want others to know that you exist ! I really did enjoy my stay and think this is the best retreat I have ever been on - so thank you very much.
Cheers Sarah


Teresa and Kes,
I just want to thank you for a wonderful 5 days of yoga and philosophy. I appreciate your down to earth yet comprehensive approach to all aspects of yoga. Though the 5 days were short, I feel you have given me a good base for continuing the yoga way of life back in California when I return.

Take care, Brady

Thank you so much for such a great experience at the retreat. I feel the retreat embodied everything yoga should be about- energy, spiritually, peace and growth.
I learnt so much there and I thank you for all the kindness and generosity you demonstrated on so many levels. I wish you all the best ... And I shall be back in the future !
Kind Regards, Stacey Ly
Hello Teresa & Kes,
I just wanted to thank you again for the Detox experience. Despite the physical hardship, I seriously feel much healthier and energized. I figured I would, but when I got back to Bangkok, I found that I had lost 7lbs and a few emotional problems seemed to disappear. I know that sounds a bit funny, but spending that time on myself and realigning my health goals, I am so thankful to have made some positive changes which were lacking. I hope to see you guys again! Marley
I just wanted to email and say thank you for creating such a wonderful space in beautiful Thailand. You were all welcoming and friendly which made the trip even better. Your retreat is really lovely and i really appreciated the Astanga classes having practitioners who really know their stuff - even in just the few days I was there i felt like I learnt a lot from your adjustments and just talking to you both over breakfasts. A very warm hearted thank you from me. I hope, very much, to see you both again soon :) Kindest regards -
Steph xxx
Hi Teresa, I hope you are well and the retreat is continuing to thrive. I know it's been over a year, but I thought I would write and give you my thoughts. First of all I loved the tranquillity of the retreat, although still having a buzz, you know what I mean. All of the teachers where fantastic and I loved the couple of classes you assisted in, i still remember your touch on my forehead during shavasana. I am still struggling with my health but using yoga to get me moving each day. My lasting thought of the retreat, and one which I use constantly, is sitting at the end of a practice gazing out into the forest with a feeling of utter joy and calm. Thank you Val x
After 3 weeks at the retreat, my yoga has improved greatly due to adjustments which i have never received at home. They have helped me understand postures and i see that i am physically capable of getting into them.

Receiving adjustments during each class has allowed me to get deeper into postures than i have never understood how to before. The way the yoga is taught gives students a true understanding of their bodies and the practice itself. Kes and Teresa are so passionate about yoga which is infectious and having them practice each morning with you is great motivation.

I enjoyed every moment at the retreat and now know i can go home and continue my practice with better understanding and correct knowledge.


The purpose of my month long stay was to ground and hopefully develop tools to deal with my anxiety and use these in daily life. The retreat, yoga, people, lectures and teachers gave me these tools and more! Even though i am still a worrier, i feel more calm and relaxed about my future happiness and where i am going.

Teachers where gentle but strong, they gave me inner faith about myself. Loved the adjustments and correct alignment. Room was amazing, will dream about your hummus salad.

Lizzy from Australia

I came here with few expectations and found a beautiful and inviting space with supportive people to share this life changing experience with. I had a big breakthrough during practice and know this is only the beginning of a life long journey of self discovery.

I enjoyed the stories, examples in philosophy class and strict adherence to the practice. I loved experiencing two different types of yoga and styles. The staff in the kitchen where so sweet and wonderful.


Thank you very much for all that you gave to me in these 7 days. I had very good time and could have wonderful experiences of yoga and life.

Thanks to teacher's gentle teaching I could finish 5days of lessons without any problem and could get many things good to my life not only about yoga but also friends, foods, environment, life, the earth, the way of thinking. I will keep on practicing Ashtanga yoga and try to change my life with these senses step by step to be better. I hope I can come back to Yoga Retreat this summer. Thank you very much.

Yoko Okamoto

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