Coni and Pier

Teaching Myore Ashtanga from 1st June to end of July

Coni and Pier started practicing ashtanga yoga in 2005.

They are both dentists . In 2007 they travelled for their first time to Mysore where they practiced in KPJAYI and since then they have travelled many times to Mysore to continue their studies.

In 2013 they receive authorization from Sharath Jois to teach the method. They had been teaching in Chile since 2008, and they are currently teaching a Mysore program in a small surf town in the central coast in Chile. They have had the opportunity to also teach in Brazil, Australia and Belgium. They see the practice of ashtanga as a tool towards the path of self-knowledge that begins through a process of connection and understanding of the body

Nadine Journeys

Our permanent Hatha yoga teacher + Philosophy, Meditation monday to friday

Nadine has been practicing yoga since 2000

She qualified with 200 hours Hatha Vinyasa teacher in 2016 at Samma Karuna on Koh Phangan. Since then she hasn't stopped teaching

Nadine completed her massage training in Canada. During the past several trips to Asia she has learnt a variety of Meditation techniques and reiki healing

In 2016 Nadine decided to leave everything and move abroad. Following her heart she is now living her dream as a yoga instructor

Nadine is happily living a Healthy lifestyle, she loves to continue learning and teaching spirituality, helping others and guiding them through their journey

Nadine is also our Detox Consultant. Offering you amazing oil massages, reiki healing and Life coaching