Detox Programs & Prices

We offer Detox programs with or without accommodation

if you wish to stay onsite we offer detox retreats with 7 or 14 nights stay.

All our Detox Retreat programs with accommodation include pre and post detox foods and drinks, all detox liquids, Plus you choose what Yoga option suits you best.

If you prefer to stay at the local beaches and find your own accommodation close by we offer 3, 5, 7 or 10 day detox programs with No pre or post detox included

detox shake

Total Price with accommodation included

shared room fan Private room with shared bathroom fan Private room with En-suite fan Private room with ensuite bathroom + aircon 2 people double or twin bed fan 2 people double bed with aircon food & drinks included
3 day detox 7 nights 12,000b 13,500B 14,000thb 18,000thb 25,000thb 29,000thb 4 days
5 day detox 7 nights 12,000b 13,500B 14,000thb 18,000thb 25,000thb 29,000thb 2 days
7 day detox 7 nights 12,000 13,500B 14,000thb 18,000thb 25,000thb 29,000thb 0 days
10 day detox 14 nights 24,000b 25,000B 26,000thb 31,600thb 42,000thb 49,000thb 4 days

What is included in the detox

Our Detox packages include:

  • All liquids (Retreats with accommodation pre and post detox food and drinks)
  • Use of Herbal Steam for lungs and lymph detox via the skin - Open 2-7pm Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Detox shakes which have Physillum husk and Bentonite clay inside 3 daily
  • Probiotics every morning
  • Spirulina shake every morning
  • unlimited drinking water available
  • Vitamin C every morning
  • Fresh Coconut Water - 2 a day when needed
  • Herbal Teas - as and when required
  • Soup Broth - 6 to 8pm
  • Re-useable Clonic bag and use of the colema room
  • You choose which Yoga option suits you best 

       3 to 7 day detox - YOGA OPTIONS

       Option A - Mysore Ashtanga Style yoga 7.30AM + philosophy of yoga 10AM OR meditation/pranayama 11AM

       Option B - Hatha yoga 4PM + Pranayama and Meditation 11AM

        Option C - yoga once or twice a day 7.30AM AND OR 4PM

 10 day detox - YOGA OPTIONS

       Option A - Ashtanga Mysore Week one philosophy of yoga + Week Two - Meditation and pranayama

       Option B - Hatha yoga + Pranayama and Meditation Week one and two

        Option C - Yoga once or twice a day



colema room

Use of colema room. Self-administered Colonic Irrigation - internal cleanse with water, lime or coffee once or twice a day. Morning and night.

Prices with out accommodation

days price
3 day detox - includes 3 hatha yoga classes 5,000B
5 day detox - includes either 5 mysore or hatha yoga classes 7,000B
7 day detox - Plus you choose Yoga option A, B or C 10,000B
10 day detox - Plus you choose Yoga option A, B or C 14,000B

 No pre or post detox included

So whether you stay at the retreat or you find your own accommodation you should prepare your self before you start by cutting out coffee, meat and processed foods for at least 1 or 2 days before. 

Make sure you respect and do your 'pre & post cleanse' as they are both critical factors in a safe and effective detox program.

Retreat detox students can arrive between Friday and Sunday of any week, depending on room availability.

If you DO NOT require accommodation at the yoga retreat you can start your detox on any morning. But please take note as our lectures and Mysore Ashtanga yoga classes run Monday to Friday only.