Bill is our Authorised Level 2 KPJAYI Ashtanga yoga teacher until end of Oct 2019

He is originally from New Zealand but has been living in Sweden for many years

Bill has over 20 years experience of teaching all levels, he brings lots of patience and a strong grounding





Nadine is our permanent Hatha yoga teacher. She also teaches Philosophy and Meditation courses

Nadine has been practicing yoga since 2000 She qualified with 200 hours Hatha Vinyasa in 2016 at Samma Karuna on Koh Phangan. Since then she hasn't stopped teaching as she just loves to help others and guide them through their own journey.

Nadine is also our Detox Consultant. Showing you how to use the colema room and is there for you during your stay

She offers amazing oil massages, reiki healing and Life coaching which you can book in person with Nadine



Teaching Ashtanga Mysore program from 2nd Dec 2019 - 26th Feb 2020

Kalyan is originally from the UK, has a background in springboard and highboard diving and studied Fine Art at university. Diving was her first love. She fell in love with this beautiful, exquisite sport and adored the daily discipline, precision, control, and dedication it entailed.

Kalyan's yogic journey began in Edmonton, Canada, with yin 
yoga. Kalyan began teaching yin in 2008 and subsequently became qualified to teach a variety of other forms of yoga. She is also a TMI yoga therapist for mental health. However, it was only once she had finished diving and came to an ashtanga class, that she stopped searching, having found the practice closest to her heart. Kalyan found that ashtanga yoga nourished similar aspects of herself in the absence of comparison, ageism and elitism rampant in competitive sport, in an inclusive, 8-petalled spiritual practice open to all. Kalyan is a devoted student of Paramguru Sharath Jois in Mysore, who she returns to study with annually, and certified teacher Hamish Hendry in London. In June 2018 Kalyan received Sharathji's blessing to teach the full intermediate series as an authorised level 2 KPJAYI teacher. Kalyan loves the ashtanga practice deeply and feels it is such an honour, privilege and sacred responsibility to share this method as it has been passed down to her.