Yoga Retreats

Our Yoga package includes Ashtanga yoga once a day, Philosophy of yoga, Chanting, Pranayama breathing and meditation.

Minimum 6 nights to 30 nights stay in our unique onsite accommodation all have fans, mosquito screens and hot water.


Just send us an email to:


Package Single bed in Shared room Double or single bed Shared Bathroom Double bed en-suite bathroom 2 people Double bed with en-suite bathroom Retreat Arrival day
6 day Yoga package 9,400thb 10,300thb 10,900thb 20,600thb any Sunday
10 day basic package 11,500thb 13,000thb 14,000thb 26,000thb any Saturday or Sunday
14 day basic package 16,600thb 18,700thb 20,100thb 37.400thb any Saturday or Sunday
30 day yoga package 26,000thb 30,500thb 33,500thb 61,000thb any Friday
3-14 days Detox and yoga Starting at 12000b Starting at 14000b Starting at 13500b Starting at 25000b Friday to sunday


* 2 yoga classes a day + philosophy OR meditation

* Hatha yoga everyday + meditation

If you cant arrive on Friday Saturday or Sunday just send us an email with date you can arrive and we can create you a package






Add Integrative Massage Therapy - 1,600thb

Add Reiki healing - 1,500thb

Add chi nei tsang abdominal massage - 1,500thb

At the yoga retreat we offer healing techniques on site:

deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, trigger point massage, marma point/Indian shiatsu, reflexology, Thai massage, reiki, theta healing (transformation of belief systems), chakra balancing, and other intuitive energy work. This therapy enables clients to experience a deep relaxed state and cleanse themselves of past emotional residues and traumas, release unresolved physical pains and aches and feel lighter and balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Prior to your session, a brief analysis is conducted to determine your specific needs and goals and a tailor-made treatment is designed to address your issues and holding patterns most effectively.

Yoga & Detox programs with out accommodation

If you would like to arrange your own accommodation; the same packages are available at the below cost: 

6 day basic yoga course starts any monday 7,300thb
10 day basic yoga course starts any monday 8,000thb
14 day basic yoga course starts any monday 11,700thb
30 day basic yoga course starts any monday 15,500thb
3 day detox + 3 yoga classses 5,000thb
5 day detox + 5 yoga classes 7,000thb
7 day detox + 7 yoga classes 10,000thb
10 day detox + 10 yoga classes 14,000thb