Yoga Retreats

Our unique Courses / Retreats from 6 to 30 days of intense practice covers the basic elements of yoga, including the eight limbs, philosophy, postures, alignment, Pranayama breathing techniques and Meditation course

Our onsite accommodation has mosquito screens and hot water, with Fan or Air conditioning

We recommend 6 or more days but if you have less time we are still able to accommodate you, just send us an email with your dates

To book your place just email us with dates required at: 

50% deposit required with remaining amount in thb cash on arrival


nights Single bed in Shared room fan private room with Shared Bathroom fan Private room with double bed ensuite bathroom fan private room with double bed ensuite bathroom Aircon 2 people Double bed or twin with fan 2 people double bed ensuite bathroom Aircon Retreat Arrival day
6 nights 8,400thb 9,000thb 9,600thb 12,000thb 19,200thb 21,200tb any Sunday
10 nights 11,500thb 12,500thb 13,500thb 17,500thb 25,000thb 28,000thb any Saturday or Sunday
14 nights 15,000thb 16,500thb 17,900thb 23,500thb 35,800thb 40,000thb any Saturday or Sunday
30 nights 39,000thb 32,000thb 35,000thb 48,000thb 65,000thb 68,000thb any Friday
detox & yoga x Starting at 6500thb Starting at 6,800thb starting at 8,000thb Starting at 13,000b starting at 14,000thb any day

Vegetarian Raw Vegan Restaurant

We have a restaurant onsite that is reasonably priced Open to the public 7am - 7pm everyday

You can order from our menu and pay as you go or there are many restaurants at the local beaches to choose from

Yoga classes

Yoga styles we offer:

MYSORE ASHTANGA YOGA (learn or perfect your self practice) -


Immerse yourself in the real world of Yoga

We teach Traditional Mysore Ashtanga as taught by K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, India 

Learn, understand and apply the theory behind the 8 limbs of yoga, set the foundations for a lifelong journey of discovery.

learn the theory philosophy of how to put yoga into your life, breathing techniques that you can use for the rest of your life. 

Now: you've learned it, you've lived it, you know it: embrace it and live your life fully.

our river at the bottom of the garden
had salad beach 15 minutes walk away

Yoga & Detox programs with out accommodation

If you would like to arrange your own accommodation; the same packages are available at the below cost: 

6 day yoga course starts any monday 6,000thb
10 day yoga course starts any monday 7,500thb
14 day yoga course starts any monday 9,500thb
30 day yoga course starts any monday 17,000thb
3 day detox + 3 yoga class 5,000thb
5 day detox + 5 yoga class 7,000thb
7 day detox + Option A or B 10,000thb
10 day detox + Option A or B 14,000thb
14 day detox + Option A or B 18,000thb