Yoga Retreats

Our unique Yoga healing Retreats are with experienced Yoga Teachers, Teresa & Kes  founders of the yoga retreat 

Kes and Teresa will personalise your healing journey. There unique Retreats are from 5 to 7 days of authentic Ashtanga Yoga practice covering the eight limbs, postures, alignment, Pranayama breathing, Meditation and Pilates. Plus a relaxing Ayurvedic oil massage with reiki healing 

Private onsite accommodation and delicious food & drinks - all dietary requirements catered for 

Join Teresa & Kes for some healing within nature

Where: 65/4 Moo 8, Koh Phangan Thailand

When: Christmas Special 23rd - 30th December 2022 / 

February 2023: 2nd - 9th / 10th - 17th / 19th - 25th

Price - 7 nights fully inclusive From 29,000thb /£670 
Connect mind, body and soul on this rustic retreat located north-west on the beautiful island of Koh phangan. Experience ancient yoga and healing practices as they were originally taught – surrounded by nature and walking distance to stunning beaches. Kes and Teresa a couple with more than 20 years’ experience, are living their egocentric values. 
  • Our onsite private accommodation has mosquito screens, hot water, Fan, private or shared bathroom - 10 rooms available 
  • All levels are welcome and nothing is compulsory 

nights private room with Shared Bathroom fan Private room with double bed en-suite bathroom fan 2 people Double bed with fan and ensuite bathroom
5 nights 21,000thb 23,000thb 43,000thb
6 nights 25,000thb 27,000thb 51,000thb
7 nights 29,000thb 32,000thb 60,000thb

Morning Ashtanga Yoga & Afternoon Yoga Pilates flow

Immerse yourself in the real world of Yoga

We teach Traditional Ashtanga as taught by K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, India 

Learn, understand and apply the theory behind the 8 limbs of yoga, set the foundations for a lifelong journey of discovery.

learn the theory philosophy of how to put yoga & meditation into your life, breathing techniques that you can use for the rest of your life. 

Now: you've learned it, you've lived it, you know it: embrace it and live your life fully

in the afternoons Teresa offers pilates, strengthening techniques that will help you with your yoga - not compulsory 



what a previous student had to say

My first yoga session is a group one, at 8am, followed by a private lesson, where Kes and Teresa refine my yoga poses, and give advice on working with the neck and arm pain I have been experiencing from too much computer work. As the retreat progresses, I notice how they tailor their lessons to accommodate my specific needs – just one of the many benefits of small group retreats. I feel nurtured and seen, and the tension in my body washes away. Guided meditation and Pilates sessions are also on offer, but nothing is compulsory, and timings are flexible based on my needs.

A home from home Kes and Teresa are living their values. They built their retreat space in as eco-centric a fashion as possible, reusing building materials from whatever local sources they could find. The result is a simple, comfortable space which fits perfectly into the gorgeous location, as far cry away from the clinical, white-walled yoga studios I am used to.

Kes and Teresa talk about their passion for yoga for both physical and emotional healing and give some great advice on how to use breathing and meditation as tools to help with my stress levels. They listen intently to me, and just feeling heard causes my stress to melt away. I’ve never been given this much one-on-one attention on a retreat before, and I am really feeling the benefits
I don’t want to go home. This retreat has been a world away from those I have experienced before. Living, eating and practising in such a natural, no-frills space, has been truly enriching. When all that is unnecessary is stripped away, I have a clearer sense of what matters to me. Connectedness to nature, to ourselves and to each other. I resolve to live by these principles when I return home
our river at the bottom of the garden
had salad beach 15 minutes walk away